Dustin Inman
My name is Billy Inman, and my life was
changed forever in June of 2000. The man
pictured below is the illegal alien who is
responsible for the change in my life as I knew
it. His irresponsible actions took my son's life,
our family pets life, put my wife in a wheel chair,
and nearly took my life too. All this happened
while sitting at a red light in Ellijay, GA. Read
the whole article written in the Cherokee Ledger.
Folks, something needs to be done about this issue of immigration!! I have
never voted till this happened, and most people I know haven't voted either
because folks like me take care of our own. We don't ask anything from
anyone and try to do what the government asks from us by paying taxes.
They make the laws and we abide by them, but we ALL need to vote in order
to get good morals back in the USA by letting our voices be heard about
what we think of the issues at hand. Together we can make changes instead
of just paying for them.We all know there are millions of immigrants in
America. Some are good and some are bad, no matter what race, color or
religion. I do not blame them for wanting to come to America, but they
need to go through the proper channels to do so. Latinos make up the majority
of today's illegal immigration problem, yet our
government refuses to take action to prevent this.
These illegal's have learned to obtain illegal social
security numbers, although our government does
nothing. I can not believe they would allow these
people to get free health care, education and social
security benefits fraudulently when some of us in
America can not afford these benefits for our own
families (legal citizens).Something has to be done
instead of making excuses and passing the buck. Our law enforcement needs to
set an example by enforcing the laws they make instead of making more laws
they only plan to use for political reasons or special interests. I want to thank
God, family and friends. Without them we could not have made it this far. I
wish I could have met some of the people who have helped us through this all,
whom we did not know before the accident. I would like to put out a special
thanks to all the sheriffs, FBI and INS agents, congressmen, all the Doctors and
all the therapists.
“Something Needs To Be Done!”
Gonzalo Harrell-Gonzalez
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